Monday, March 19, 2018

It's An Embossing Powder Party

This past January, Baked Texture - my new line of embossing powders for artists - was released by Emerald Creek. Since then, we are doing our very best to get these powders into you creative hands. And it is looking like March will be the month when we are able to get most, if not all, of the outstanding shipments delivered. Thanks to all of you for your passion, enthusiasm, and (especially) patience for this product.

I have begun to see a huge variety of projects online using Baked Texture and have been loving what you have been baking. I have learned many new techniques and uses for the powders thanks to you.

I have invited 5 artists to share projects they have made using Baked Texture. Anything goes with these posts and there will be videos, tutorials, finished artwork and more. Check back here all week for the updated links to the posts that will be appearing daily from today through Friday, March 23rd.


Mary Beth Shaw: Mary Beth, the creative mastermind behind StencilGirl Products, has created  a video that shares 8 techniques to use embossing powders with stencils. Yes...I said 8! 

Becca Feeken: Post goes live Tuesday, March 20.

Tammy Tutterow: Post goes live Wednesday, March 21.

Debi Adams: Post goes live Thursday, March 22.

Gwen Lafleur: Post goes live Friday, March 23.

You can see and order all 7 flavors of Baked Texture here.

Art Auction for Cancer


This past January I was invited by the incomparable Dyan Reaveley to participate in the 2018 Ranger Challenge. Every year, one of the signature designers with Ranger Ink sends a selection of their products to a handful of artists to create a project that will be displayed in the Ranger booth at Creativation, the annual trade show for AFCI. How could I say no to DY?

Opening the box was exciting and daunting, as was seeing the contents. The main component for the project was a cardboard, kraft-colored top hat. And lots of Dyan's signature bright paints, washi tapes, embellishments, and the like.

My mission: use her products in my style. My technique: layers and more layers.

So why am I sharing this now? The project was recently returned to me and I had the idea that maybe some of you would consider bidding on it in an auction for charity. Together we can benefit an important cause and you will have a one-of-a-kind, never-to-be-made-again, original piece of art.


So how will this work? Simply contact me via email at with your bid and I will update the bidding total on this post as bids come in (as quickly as I can). The bidding will start at $25.00 but I am hoping to raise substantially more money for a good cause. Bids will be counted in the order in which they are received. Bidding ends on 11:59pm EST Sunday March 25th. The winning bidder can either make their donation directly to the charity via credit card or through me via check or Paypal. You are more than welcome to leave a comment to this post but bids will only be accepted via email.

100% of the proceeds will benefit Cancer Research Institute and their efforts to develop a breakthrough cure to all forms of cancer with immunotherapy. The cause was selected in honor of a friend currently battling the illness.


Sunday, March 18, 2018

Art Deck 6

After a long break focused on other work, I have had a chance to work on my Art Deck - 52 small artworks, all under 6 x 6 inches and available at accessible prices ranging from $35-$55. These pieces, numbers 40 to 45, are now in my online shop. You can see all the other work from the Art Deck here.

TIMELESS (sold - thank you)




COLORBLIND (sold - thank you)

CROSSHATCH (sold - thank you)

Friday, March 16, 2018

The Friday Five

1. Follow your gut. Always.
2. If it seems too good to be true, it is.
3. Put in the work.
4. It is okay to say no.
5. Always be authentic. Always

Thursday, March 8, 2018

PaperArtsy Paint Week

Last month, the PaperArtsy blog featured a series of projects made by 9 artists using one of my two, newly released sets of paint colors. 

The paint is Fresco Finish Chalk Acrylics and the dry quickly to the most beautiful, matte surface imaginable. And it is also perfect for you journal as the pages never stick together and every pen works over the surface. You can see all my custom paint colors here.

Love the wide variety of creativity seen in the following projects. Click on each link for more pics, process shots, and details.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Workshop or Playshop?

I know we call them workshops but to me, they are absolutely playshops. Won't you join me for some play in the coming months? And visit my workshop page for updates soon.


The Ink Pad
New York, New York
April 13 - Mixed Media Revolution - workshop full

Pratt Institute
New York, New York
April 28 - Creating an Artist Folio - registration open


Lexington, Kentucky
May 9-12 - Library of Memories - registration open

Everything Scrapbook & Stamps
Lake Worth, Florida
May 19 - Get Baked! - registration open
May 20 - Abstraction Reaction - registration open

Quilt & Surface Design Symposium 
Columbus, Ohio
May 28-June 1 - Table of Contents - registration open


Quilt & Surface Design Symposium 
Columbus, Ohio
June 2-3 - For Your Eyes Only - registration open

Idyllwild Arts 
Idyllwild, California
June 15 - 52 Card Pickup - registration open
June 16-17 - A Book of Moments - registration open 

Visions of Australia
Hornsby, New South Wales Australia
June 30-July 1 - A Book of Moments 
email me at for info
registration open


Fibre Arts Australia
Ballarat, Victoria Australia
July 5-9 - Table of Contents - workshop full

Fibre Arts Australia
Lismore, New South Wales Australia
July 12-16 - Table of Contents - registration open


PaperCraft Clubhouse
Westbrook, Connecticut
August 11 - save the date
August 12 - save the date

Clipper Street Scrapbook Company
Langley, British Columbia Canada
August 17 - save the date
August 18 - save the date
August 19 - save the date


Burritt's Rapids Community Hall
Burritt's Rapids, Ontario Canada
The Exquisite Corpse
A 5-day retreat with Holly Dean
September 3-7 - registration open
email me at for info

Shake Rag Alley
Mineral Point, Wisconsin
Table of Contents
September 21-23 - registration open


The Art is You Movement
Art Retreat
Stamford, Connecticut
October 3-4 - save the date
Registration Opens May

A Work of Heart
San Jose, California
October  7 - save the date
October  8 - save the date

The Art is You Movement
Masterclass Series
Ogden, Utah
A 5-day retreat with Sharon Payne Bolton
October 10-14 - save the date
Registration Opens May 30

Artistic Artifacts
Alexandria, Virginia
November  16 - save the date
November  17 - save the date
November  18 - save the date

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Going Off Grid

It is with excitement - and a little bit of fear - that I will be going off the grid, offline, and off social media. For 12 days. Not as an experiment but as a refresh and reboot.

The longer I have been working as an artist, the less time I have to make actual art. Ironic, right? Between travel and teaching, blogging, product design and promotion, writing, online shop keeping, answering emails, and everything else....who has time to actually create? Don't get me wrong. I truly love all of that. I really do. But I have come to realize that I also need to find make time for art. For me. It's all about balance.

So starting February 22 I will be an artist in residence at one of my most favorite places on earth - the Mabel Dodge Luhan House in Taos, New Mexico.

Starting that day, my focus will be on filling up the creative well and making art. After all, I did say that 2018 is all about change.

I will be teaching a one-day workshop toward the end of my stay and visiting a few local friends - so I may pop-up on social media at some point. And, because I am not sure I can handle the withdrawal, I may just pop-in to say hi once or twice on social media.

Until then, happy creating to you all. And here's to hoping you find your balance too!

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

The Bakery: 1

It has been so exciting to see what all you creative people out there are doing with Baked Texture, my new embossing powder for artists from Emerald Creek. My hope with these powders was that people would find non-traditional ways to use them. And you haven't disappointed. Here are some of the beauties I have come across online this week. Click each link to see more...

Jenny used Chunky Rust to create this textural tag. And in the technique video that follows, she shows how to use Tim Holtz's new Distress Resist Spray to create the effect.


Claudia used each and every Baked Texture flavor to create a Baked Texture sample box filled with tester tags. As can be seen in her post, on the back of each tag is a sample of each powder on black, white and kraft colored card stock.


Sandee used Patina Oxide, Deep Sea and Chunky Rust on the mug and, in a genius move, Vintage Beeswax on the pencil. Check out a surface detail below.


Tracy paired two stamps from one of her new AALL and Create stamp sets with Vintage Beeswax. She created the center butterfly by stamping into a puddle of the embossing powder and the bottom butterfly by coating vintage paper. 


Heather used all 7 of my new Baked Texture powders to create this incredible tag.

The texture she developed is spectacular and in her step-by-step video below, she shows how to use vegetable glycerin (yes) and other adhesives to create her magic.